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Johann Gottlieb Janitsch 

Sonate da camera vol. I


Among Frederick the Great’s carefully chosen retinue of court musicians, Johann Gottlieb Janitsch (1708-1763), contraviolonist in the Royal Orchestra of the Court of Prussia, is survived by a large number of complex, sonically rewarding chamber pieces. Among these figure over 40 quadro sonatas that, through dexterous handling of a subtle and intricate form, allow the composer to display his complete mastery of counterpoint.



Christopher Palameta, oboe and direction

Stephen Bard, oboe

Mika Putterman, traverso

Hélène Plouffe, violin & viola

Kathleen Kajioka, viola

Karen Kaderavek, cello

Erin Helyard, harpsichord


Oxford Early Music

Francis Knights, May 2010

"This CD is something of a find: these quartet sonatas are music of real quality, and the unusual instrumental combinations are delightful. The five works are given compelling performances by Christopher Palameta (oboe) and his colleagues in Notturna. Strongly recommended.”

imp DSC_8875 copy 1.jpg

Early Music America

Beth Adelman, March 2010

"Christopher Palameta leads Notturna in an expert performance of five of these quartets— three of which are world premiere recordings. Notturna’s playing is spirited and sensitive and highlights the intricacies of the composer’s crisp counterpoint. In particular, the marvellous oboe playing is smooth and sparkling."


The Toronto Star

John Terauds, 19 June 2009

"The musicians play with a fluid, seductive balance. Palameta’s silky oboe sound is captivating."

Stars: 3/4


Early Music Review (Scotland)

Brian Clark, June 2009

"Notturna produces luxurious sounds; their playing is superlative.”


CD Classico (Italy)

Gabriele Formenti, June 2009

"Let yourself be whisked away by Notturna’s liquid sonorities (…) Palameta is a refined and intelligent performer.”

Erin Helyard copy.jpeg

The Whole Note (Canada) 

Michael Schwartz, October 2009

"Throughout the recording Palameta’s passion for the oboe is clear. Both oboists in Notturna rise masterfully to the varied and demanding challenges of the Allegro in the C minor Sonata, opus 4. The opening bars of the Largo are at once celestial and solemn; the all-but-forgotten Janitsch is no composer of dull chamber music."

La_danse_des_nymphes - Copie.jpg (Germany)

Marion Beyer

"Mika Putterman's luminous traverso provides a sharp contrast to the dark and equally enticing sound of the oboe d’amore, played by the ensemble’s director, Christopher Palameta."

_N6A7409 copypp copy 2.jpg

La Scena Musicale (Canada)

Philippe Gervais, Aôut 2009

"Un audacieux projet discographique appelé à faire date. Les œuvres révélées dans ce premier volume, pour la plupart inédites, sont en effet du meilleur cru. (…) Pour notre plus grand plaisir, chaque pièce est présentée dans une instrumentation différente et souvent inusitée, voir rarissime. (…) Les musiciens d l’ensemble montréalais Notturna maîtrisent parfaitement leurs instruments et en exploitent tout le grain sonore en de savoureux échanges colorés." [...] Note : 5/6

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