André Grétry

L ' Amant jaloux


L'Amant jaloux (1778) by André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry (1741-1813) was one of the most popular operas of its time. The work is cast in the light, frothy style favoured under Louis XV and is suspected to have inspired Mozart in his Le nozze di Figaro. 

Our version of Grétry’s opera is in ‘concentrated’ form, in an anonymous period arrangement for traverso, oboe, violin, viola and bass. Transcriptions of operas were fashionable in the late eighteenth century, and many of Mozart’s and Grétry’s staged works were arranged for smaller chamber ensembles such as string quartet or wind octet. 

Although there are no voices involved in our performance, the beauty of Grétry’s melodic writing transcends form and medium to make this arrangement entirely successful as chamber music in its own right.

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Christopher Palameta, oboe and direction

Mika Putterman, traverso

Laura Andriani, violin

Olivier Brault, violin 

Pemi Paull, viola

Susie Napper, cello

Brice Sailly, harpsichord

Aleks Schürmer, piccolo

Marjolaine Goulet, horn

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The Whole Note (Canada)

Richard Haskell, 6 February 2021

"Palameta’s sonorous and well-rounded tone further enhances the recording throughout, and Notturna delivers a polished performance with a fine balance among the instruments. […] Kudos to Palameta and Notturna not only for some fine playing, but for helping bring to light some music that otherwise may have been overlooked."


Online Merker - Die internationale Kulturplattform (Zürich)

Jan Krobot, 28 January 2021

"Notturna spielt unter der Leitung seines Gründers Christopher Palameta ausserordentlich konzentriert, lebendig und farbenfroh. Hier ist klanglich zu erleben, was sonst eigentlich nur aus Büchern bekannt ist." 

"Under the direction of its founder Christopher Palameta, Notturna plays in an extraordinarily concentrated, colourful and lively fashion. Here, you can experience sonically what is otherwise only known from books."