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Johann Gottlieb Janitsch 

Sonate da camera vol. III


Among Frederick the Great’s carefully chosen retinue of court musicians, Johann Gottlieb Janitsch (1708-1763), contraviolonist in the Royal Orchestra of the Court of Prussia, is survived by a large number of complex, sonically rewarding chamber pieces. Among these figure over 40 quadro sonatas that, through dexterous handling of a subtle and intricate form, allow the composer to display his complete mastery of counterpoint.



Christopher Palameta, oboe and direction

Mika Putterman, traverso

Anne Thivierge, traverso

Hélène Plouffe, violin 

Margaret Little, viola da braccio & viola da gamba

Karen Kaderavek, cello

Amanda Keesmaat, cello

Dorothéa Ventura, harpsichord

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The Whole Note (Canada)

Tiina Kiik, June 2013

"Palameta’s oboe performance is especially colourful in its detail and ability to cement parts together. The balanced performances make this Notturna release one to be enjoyed time and time again.”

sleepy_hollow_style_by_cyrild4-d2ytrcz c

American Record Guide

Todd Gorman, September 2013

"The French group Notturna is accomplished and they take vibrant tempos. Bracing, solid period instrument playing makes this series worthwhile.”


Fanfare Magazine (USA)

Bertil van Boer, June 2013

"The ensemble is excellent: the instruments are in tune with each other, tempos are nicely followed, and the sound is clear. In short, this is a most worthy disc for lovers of the early Classical period style and should be an addition to their collections. Moreover, they demonstrate that Janitsch was a clever and talented composer who deserves resurrection.”


Agoravox (France)

Frédéric Degroote, September 2014

On ne peut que déplorer la cruelle pauvreté discographique d’un compositeur tombé dans l’oubli qui semble pourtant avoir tant à dire. Heureusement, Notturna a relevé dignement le défi et déjoué les pièges de cette écriture ciselée en se jouant aussi bien de la balance entre les timbres parfois curieux que du contrepoint à la fois rigoureux et poétique. (…) Tout concourt à ressusciter avec passion, clarté et intelligence ces petits bijoux. Beau son, précision et cohérence dans le jeu, remercions Notturna pour avoir osé remettre au goût du jour avec autant de talent un compositeur et une musique chambriste nord-allemande de premier ordre.


Early Music Review (Scotland)

Brian Clark, June 2013

"Throughout, each of the three voices is beautifully shaped and the lines balanced so that no one instrument dominates the sound – in fact, it is a virtuoso display of the fine art of musical dialogue."

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MusicWeb International

Johan van Veen

"These are technically accomplished interpretations, which is worth noting as some parts seem quite demanding. The ensemble is excellent, and the performers have a good sense of rhythmic pulse. I am very grateful that Notturna shed light on Janitsch's oeuvre, as he turns out to be a composer of highly original and compelling chamber music. I hope that this disc is not the last in this project."



Andrew Fawcett, June 2013

"Janitsch’s tasteful, sophisticated writing is hugely appealing and it is hard not to overstate just how sublimely pleasurable Notturna’s sound is.”

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